2009 Oktoberfest Report

Well, the Rotary Club of Star Valley once again coupled with the Animal Humane Association of Star Valley and put on the Oktoberfest fund raiser.

This year, due to the dip in the economy, we didn't raise as much as we wanted to, but did OK. The funds were split 50/50 between the Rotary club and the AHA. Rotary will use the funds for its many projects including, but not limited to: Student of the Month, the annual Rotary scholarship award, the annual Mongolian Relief effort (newborn medical supplies and training for the country with the highest infant mortality rate), sending students to RILA and other leadership events, the Wheelchair Foundation, and miscellaneous donations that help our community and its residents.

But anyway, here are a few things about the event:

We had the pleasure of having the Star Valley High School Bluegrass band play for us. We had donated $250 to their "band camp" fund raising drivesome time back, and passed donation cups around as they played. We believe they raised another few dollars for their cause. Way to go! Here are some pics and you can click here to hear a few of their tunes (a 6.5MB WAV file).

Here are a few of their pics (click to see an enlargement):