Secretary's Report

Welcome to the Secretary's Report of the Rotary Club of Star Valley.

As we near the end of the year, our membership goals become more and more important. We have had a few new members in our little club, but more than a few have left - mostly due to the economy. We are looking for people in the community that believe they would make a good, active, and interested new member for our club.

We are small, but we have big goals, bigger hearts, and lots of things to do for Star Valley! Membership is crucial to a club's success; even more so in our small valley. There are so many projects that need our help, and getting our fellow Star Valley residents involved will make our goals a reality.

Our fund-raisers this past year have not been good from a dollar-amount standpoint (again, due to the economy), but have been much better from a "participation" standpoint. We have had more of our members get involved and make the club shine with our community involvement and service.

To all reading this: Please join us in our July Chili Cookoff, our September Oktoberfest, our round-the-year Food Drive, our Wheelchair Foundation donations, our local Scholarships and Literacy projects, our "Prom" for persons with disablilities, and other things we do that bring a smile to the people in community. Please join us and see what you can do for the Star Valley area!

Always remember those who aren't as fortunate as you are, and keep the Rotary "4-Way Test" in mind each day!

Yours in Rotary,