Accomplished 2005 Goals:
4 hand held fetal heart dopplers
2 Labor Tens Units
2 Fetoscopes
93 scrub tops and bottoms
2000 umbilical cord clamps
50 Medical/Surgical instruments
for C-Section delivery, and D&C
40 suture sets
Sutures and Minor Medical Instruments
3 Neonatal translations completed
$2000 requested medications for indigent patients
2 heating/Air conditioning units
$400 of insulation for Dorohoi hospital

Summary for 2005 Trip:
Star Valley Rotary continues to supervise the Romanian Medical Relief project. Buffalo Wyoming Rotary, Craig Colorado Rotary, Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary have also donated funds for 2005 with applications for matching of funds processed.

All of the rotary clubs involved have 25 active members or less. This project clearly represents the major impact small clubs can have when projects are carefully selected. In addition, Considering that the average Romanian salary is less than 10 % of corresponding American salaries, the impact is huge even when small amounts of funding become available.

A return trip during 2005 represented Rotary's commitment to expand services to under-privileged areas of the world. The Rotary Project Manager spent 3weeks in Romania. In conjunction with Doctors and medical staff, they were able to establish a framework for future projects and education in the region.

Dorohoi Hospital Labor and Delivery unit has been our target for assistance in education, supplies and services.
This Year the project expanded to a family practice clinic that provides house calls and education for pregnant and lactating women.

Also a dental clinic which provides services to indigents was located and relationships established for further assistance. We are pleased to report that we have also established top level contacts with the newly formed Romanian National Midwife Organization. They are located in Bucharest and have ties with the Medical University. They have requested and will be receiving from us, policies, procedures, and information on international care modules for Labor and Delivery. This is exciting because infants are most frequently delivered by the hospital midwives.

They have committed to education for Dorohoi midwives at no cost if we will arrange transport for them to the conferences. They can also be instrumental in distributing the educational posters on Labor, Delivery, and Neonatal Resuscitation throughout the country.

During our August-September 2005 trip we were able to provide far more support than we had ever anticipated. The educational strides will be monumental in providing patient care modules for hundreds of practicing medical professionals in Romania.

We were able to establish an ongoing funding program which will address short term emergency needs. This program will assure that all requests are approved by a committee in the US and only supplies and not monies will be received after approval of requests. This trip was successful due to the collective efforts of Romanian Team members which included 3doctors, midwife contacts, transportation specialists and Medical Student and translator Andrea Sabau.

If you are interested in joining us in this worthwhile project please contact:
Star Valley Rotary Club
Marta Heap
P.O. Box 157
Thayne, WY 83127
or email

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