Romanina Relief Effort Continues in 2006...

Dear Rotary Members, family and friends,

Our team just returned from our yearly trip to Romania. We were greatly blessed and have made many new friends and contacts in Romania. This year's project was 100 kits for labor and delivery rooms across the country. The kits each contained an obstetrical stethoscope, a pediatric stethoscope and three educational posters on Labor, Uncomplicated Delivery, and Metabolic processes in the Newborn. Dr Marius Calomfirescu from the Bucharest Old Court Rotary assisted with the translation and arranged for us to meet with other Rotary clubs across the country. We are greatly appreciative for his time and effort.

Rotary Clubs who assisted in distributing the kits were Old Court Rotary in Bucharest, Braila Rotary Club, Galati Rotary Club, Bacau Rotary Club, and Ramnicu Valcea Rotary. 20 of these kits containing, went to Moldava, which wasn't originally in the Romainian Relief Effort. Two LDS Missionaries were met in Bucharest and took these across the border to a medical facility there with the help of the Rotary Club of Chisinau (picture at right - click for an enlargement).

In the process of our travels we had requests for projects needed in the near future. If your club has a Dentist, an OB/GYN, a Physical Therapist, or computer specialists who would like to be of help, we welcome your response. We are also working to provide medical and scientific books for a newly opened library.

We are hoping to establish a medical website that would be sponsored by Rotary and published in Romanian and English. This would allow doctors in the country to exchange current and updated information with others, especially in rural areas. We plan to start with Women's Services (OB/GYN) and Cardiology then branch out as interest builds. The site would include professional information and patient handouts.

During our visit we were permitted to visit several hospitals and hand out gifts to new mothers. Additional materials will be donated to Care Centers for the elderly and adoption services for abandoned children.

Our trip was enriched with the beautiful sights which dot the land. We visited shipping ports, Transylvania, Monasteries and Castles.

We feel very privileged to have spent our time with such wonderful and loving people. Let me also take a moment to thank our driver Marian Enache and his wife Geta who is a midwife. They dedicated 24 hours a day to getting us where we needed to be and making sure we were comfortable and well taken care of. Also our agent Virginia Cuciuchi who arranged for all hotels and an appropriate vehicle to transport Rotary supplies.

Project sponsored by Star Valley Rotary Club and assisted by Cheyenne Breakfast club. We will have a picture CD shortly of this year's trip that we would be happy to send for your Club to review.

If you are interested in assisting with next year's projects, please Contact:
Marta Heap
P.O.Box 157
Thayne WY 83127
or email

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