Our efforts continued and grew in 2005...

Our Goals for 2005:
Hand Held Fetal Heart Dopplers
Neonatal Resuscitation Charts and training
Sutures and Delivery instruments
Developing chemicals for X-rays
Resupply Antiseptics, Medications and IV’s
Ultrasound probe and Gel

Accomplished 2005 Goals:
2 hand held fetal heart dopplers
3 Neonatal translations completed
93 scrub tops and bottoms
1000 umbilical cord clamps
$1000 pledge for medications

Craig Colorado Rotary recently donated $500 to purchase a Hand Held Doppler for Dorohoi’s Labor and Delivery unit. Dopplers will be purchased from the United Kingdom. Their technology mirrors the US capability and is compatible with the electrical current in Romania. These items will assist us in updating prenatal care.

Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary has also joined in the effort. In a December vote, the club committed to raising money from their membership and applying for matching funds from the Region.

Star Valley Rotary members continue to supervise the project and purchase needed supplies. Each of the three rotary clubs involved have 25 active members or less. This project clearly represents the major impact small clubs can have when projects are carefully selected.

A return trip planned for the Fall of 2005 will represent Star Valley Rotary Club’s continuing commitment to the Dorohoi Hospital. The scope for Neonatal Resuscitation will also expand to other hospitals in the region which are serviced by Romanian Rotary clubs.

If you are interested in joining us in this worthwhile project contact:
Star Valley Rotary Club
Marta Heap
P.O. Box 157
Thayne, WY 83127
or email martash@silverstar.com

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